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Singapore Paincare has been providing alternatives like Specialised Injections and Minimally Invasive Procedures (MIP) to open surgery for over a decade. Our multi-disciplinary approach in the assessments of our patients allows us to arrive at a multi-dimensional diagnosis that results in the best possible treatments for each patient.

Cancer Pain Therapy
Cancer pain therapy includes the use of drugs introduced orally or through intrathecal administration to relieve pain or chemicals introduced into the body through minimally invasive techniques to block the pain and “burn-off” further transmission of painful signals. Proceed
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Behavioural medicine refers to the way a person responds to an illness or disorder. This cognitive behavioural pain management program is a multi-dimensional rehabilitative program aimed at rehabilitating the patient through changing behaviour and cognition. Proceed
Endoscopic Laser Decompression
Endoscopic Laser Decompression treats back pain and nerve impingement associated with slipped discs and bone spurs. A rigid needle port of 1cm diameter with a camera, is inserted into the spine. Under direct vision, bone spur and slipped discs can be lasered/ablated away. Proceed
Intrathecal Pump Implants
Intrathecal drug delivery, or “pain pump”, is a method of giving medication directly to your spinal cord. Proceed
Myofascial Pain Injection
Myofascial pain injections are used to treat common pain conditions such as myofascial pain syndrome. Local anaesthetic and/or anti-inflammatory substances are injected into the tendon/muscular areas of the painful area and/or the affected joints to stop muscle spasms, inflammation and improve healing. Proceed
Neuroplasty removes pressure to nerves caused by excessive scar tissues. A tube is inserted to create more space in the narrowed spine, and free up trapped nerves by mechanically breaking down adhesions and administering medicine to decrease swelling. Proceed
Nucleoplasty uses controlled ablation to decompress the herniated disc in the spine to reduce pressure and compression on nerve roots. Proceed
Many different drugs, both prescribed and non-prescribed, are used to treat chronic pain. Proceed
Pulsed Radiofrequency
Pulsed Radiofrequency uses radio frequency energy to disable and desensitise pain-causing nerves, treating pain caused by hypersensitive nerves. Proceed
Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA)
Radiofrequency Ablation uses radio frequency energy to heat and burn painful nerves, relieving pain and addressing inflammation within facet joints. Proceed
Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS)
Spinal Cord Stimulation uses an implantable stimulator to deliver electrical signals that inhibit pain signals before they reach the brain. It is an intervention for chronic back, leg, arm or chest pain, pelvic pain and persistent nerve pain. Proceed
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