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Singapore Paincare has been providing an alternative like Specialised Injections and Minimally Invasive Procedures (MIP) to open surgery for over a decade. Our multi-disciplinary approach in the assessments of our patients allows us to arrive at a multi-dimensional diagnosis that results in the best possible treatments for each patient.

Cancer Pain Therapy
In most cases, pain specialists follow what is called the “pain ladder” when planning treatments for cancer patients. The first rung on the ladder is analgesic medication, such as Synflex or Voltaren, to stronger drugs known as Tramadol or Codeine. Proceed
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Behavioural medicine refers to the way a person responds to an illness or disorder. This cognitive behavioural pain management program is a multi-dimensional rehabilitative program aimed at rehabilitating the patient through changing behaviour and cognition. Proceed
Endoscopic Laser Decompression
t is a cutting-edge laser treatment for back pain and nerve impingement. It is a breakthrough in the minimally invasive treatment for slipped disc conditions. Proceed
Intrathecal Pump Implants
Intrathecal drug delivery, or “pain pump”, is a method of giving medication directly to your spinal cord. Proceed
Myofascial Pain Injection
Myofascial pain injections are used to treat common pain conditions such as myofascial pain syndrome. Myofascial pain injections target the tendon/muscular areas of the painful area and/or the affected joints to stop muscle spasms, inflammation and improve healing. Proceed
After any injury or inflammation or back (spinal) surgery, scar tissues usually form.
Even a slipped disc can irritate the surrounding tissues and cause adhesions or scarring. Proceed
Nucleoplasty (Percutaneous Disc Decompression) is a minimally invasive procedure to decompress a herniated disc in the spine that may irritate nearby nerve roots. Proceed
Many different drugs, both prescribed and non-prescribed, are used to treat chronic pain. All these medicines can cause side effects and should be taken exactly as they are prescribed. Proceed
Pulsed Radiofrequency
Pulsed Radiofrequency is a minimally invasive procedure that uses radio frequency energy to disable or desensitize pain-causing nerves. Proceed
Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA)
RFA is a procedure that uses radio frequency energy to heat and burn painful nerves so that they do not transmit pain, relieving the symptom. Proceed
Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS)
SCS is an intervention for chronic back, leg, arm or chest pain. It uses include other conditions, such as persistent chest pain, phantom pain of the arm or leg, failed back surgery syndrome, chronic pelvic pain and persistent nerve pain. Proceed
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